Chicago Yacht Club Race

The Chicago Yacht Club is a premier organization for sailing in this region. The 108th race is scheduled to begin to Mackinac. There are about 326 boats that are registered for starting a race that will span 333 miles. It is scheduled to begin on July 23rd. Though most races are about glamorous boats and sailing sport professionals, there are people who have given it their soul and make the journeys and competitions real. For instance, the story of Matt Gallagher, who is a real estate attorney who describes himself as out of shape.

Gallagher admitted to that the career he has is not exciting and that is where the thrill of sailing comes in. When you go out you need to be prepared for changes in weather conditions. Whatever it is, you face the same with your friends and family. The race, adventure and the thrill of making it to the destination point is what makes sailing excitement and provides purpose to life.

Gallagher is one of the several part time sailors who would be competing in the Chicago Yacht Race that is coming up this weekend in Mackinac Island located in Michigan. He talks about his background, how he grew up playing soccer in Oak Brook and even dabbled in theatre when he was a teenager. With a bachelor’s degree in international studies and government from Notre Dame, he even worked for Harris Fawell, the Congressman as well as obtained a law degree from DePaul University.

He says that his introduction to boating was in Lake Geneva, where one of his friends had bought a boat. He learnt to sail with his family, but it was not a sport that he took up in earnest. However, after that, when ten years lapsed and he and his wife decided to invest in a boat, he has not looked back after that.