Change In Ullman Sails International

Craig Millar and Kelly Buchan will be the (CEO) Chief Executive Officer of Ullman Sails International, Inc. regional divisions.

Ullman Sails International, Inc. is the licensing company of the group, and Ullman Sails have declared this news recently. Millar and Buchan have been assigned for overseeing operations in various geographic markets where the group has major market.

Before this announcement Buchan was the Regional CEO of Ullman Sails West division. West division used to cover the entire business of Ullman Sails in Caribbean markets and America’s. On the other hand, Millar was Ullman Sails East division Regional CEO; he takes care of the entire business in Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific.

This change has been made strategically and it confirms that Ullman Sails International, Inc.  Will continues to provide specialized service, coordinated and backing to expand international presence of the group.  The move will also take into account customs, national identities, time differences, customs and local business practices.

After making the announcement, President of Ullman Sails, David Ullman said “Kelly and Craig are certainly the right people to get this responsibility. Both are experience holder of group and oversee our strategic moves and regional growth for the Ullman Sails group.” “Kelly and Craig both have shown their good leadership skill within the organization and have proven their ability of managing things many times in the past. When the group is expanding its network, more information has to be collected about cultural identities, working pattern of industries, history of place, all these factors greatly affect the performance of organization at the new location and Kelly and Craig has done this before as well very well.” He further added that “Under the leadership of Kelly and Craig new operation of Ullman sail will savor the success and will emerge as market leader in coming future in these areas.”