35th Edition Of America’s Not Different From Others

In the world of sailing, the America’s Cup has always been a game changer and the same is true with the 35th edition of the race as well.

Twenty years ago, the average max speed of sailing boats was 12 knots. And today, it has reached to 40 knots (in the wind of less than 12 knots). Meaning, the sailor will not be able to hear the sound of wind as they are too fast with the speed.

While sailing with these machines, the crew constantly hovers on the edge between total catastrophe and ridiculously fast, combating G-force speeds and situations when maneuvering.

The goal: the goal is to get around the race course cleaner and faster than their opponent. Basically, it is like keeping two fairy bulls into one china shop and predicts they are not going to bump into anything.

This is for the second edition straight that the ORACLE TEAM USA will defend the America’s Cup. ORACLE TEAM USA won the last cup, which held in the year.  Since then, they have been pushing and developing the limits of sailing so hard that the boat in the race seems more like a rocket ship than the sailing boat.

Racing with the new class boats of America’s Cup is like a completely new experience; with it sailing seems a different sport. Now the game is fast, powerful, it punishes every single mistake and reward the player when they get it right. In the game there is no going back it has changed completely.

This year too, the America’s Cup has surprised everyone with its new form of the game. Just after the beginning of the game, the spectators are getting many astonishing moments to see and sailors are getting tougher competitions from the participants.